songs of LOVE♥

"The only music I want to hear is the sound of your voice telling me that you love me."

Every time I feel down or kilig, I just open my notebook,hold my pen and WRITE a SONG.

Different songs of hatred and love. Songs dedicated to someone who has changed my life. :)

By this time,I’ve made more than 10 songs and I think I just can make an ALBUM! HAHAHA :)

I’m gonna post ‘em here in tumblr if I can remember to bring my notebook in the here internet cafe. HAHA ^_^

JAPANESE are loved :)

March 31,2010 one moment I won’t forget!

Aside from the bonding time I’ve spent with my SISTERS slash BFFs, this was the moment that I was able to talk to 100% Japanese people! Oh my gooosh! HAHAHA! Look we have a sashin(picture) with there Japanese akachan(baby)! Isn’t she soo kawaii(cute)? Yea!She’s so kawaii and she looks like my imoto(younger sister)! HAHAHA. I was able to talk to her kazoku(family) in some Nihongo no kotoba(japanese words).

Oh my gosh! I can feel that this is a sign that I’m going to JAPAN!!!Yatta ne! ^_^

Dio-chan, watashi wa sugu ni hyoji saremasu!! HAHAHA.Gambatte kudasai Ermina! HAHAHA ^_^

I LIKE …05.06.08

School year 2009-2010 has ended! Thank God I survived this school year. HAHA! But I wouldn’t reach this far without the help of my VITAMIN As. HAHAHA.

My Vitamin A! Now I’m going to reveal who these people are. haha.

I admired THREE different guys of different characters. :D

First on the list…

eLpresidenTE' 08. Thomas John Castañares

At first I thought he’s “bayut" because of his physique and stature(sorry to say this) but now I can say that he’s a REAL MAN,I just can’t really explain why. HAHA!

I like him because I see him as a great person. He was a student from an ordinary class but still he faced the challenge to be the SBA President of this year. He was a very brave young man being the president.

One thing I like about him is that “despite his very busy schedule,I never fail to see him smile and relate with other people”.

Another thing I like about him is his SINGING VOICE. He gives me chills every time I hear him sing! HAHAHA.

I am thankful that I liked him by accident because I learned a lot of things from him though he didn’t lecture me on that. hahaha.


—————————————————moving on—————————————————-


He is my tutee! And by accident I fell in crush with him. HAHA.

He is the “GWAPO,CHUIE ug HUMOT crush" I was referring to in my GMs and he is the reason behind all the codes in my GM. I like him because he’s a very good & honest person. uhu!,asa pka ana?HAHA.

One thing I admire about him is that though he’s a lot different to his cousin he has dreams on his own and I believe that one day he’ll reach it. :)

Another thing is that he accepted me as his tutor even though I am libog sometimes. HAHA. :D

He inspires me to do better on the things I’m doing. He thought me to dream more and believe in myself despite our differences to other people that tend us to be out of place.

Jeremy thank you for being a big part of my life. I will never forget you.charr. Let’s stay this way forever -FRIENDS :) I LOVE YOU! mwahh :) haha

————————————————moving on———————————————————

BEEP 06. still remains a SECRET! hahaha :D



a JOLLY sister and a best friend for keeps

There are no dull moments when I am with her. Every day I am with her, the mood is so light & happy. I just enjoy every second with her and I tend to forget that there is still the clock ticking! HAHAHA.

She always makes jokes but funny how she can’t tell whether it’s funny or not! HAHAHA. Yeah! Her jokes are deadly funny! HAHA.

3 years we’ve been together, I’ve seen her bloom and grow up. She became a person I’ve never expected.charr! Now I can say that she’s really good at acting *comedy. I believe that one day I’ll see her in a SITCOM! HAHA

Aside from that, she is a dedicated person. I’ve witnessed how dedicated she is to the course she likes. One day, she’ll be a successful NURSE for sure. ;)

   MANGHUDEST thank you for always making my day bright. I am always happy and smiling whenever you’re by my side. Let’s stay this way forever. I LOVE YOU! mwahh :)



a MALDITA sister and best friend for keeps

She is very MALDITA! HAHAHA. But still she is a very good person to me.

When I ask her questions that are out of this world,she still answers it with answers that are in this world. HAHAHA *does my english makes sense? HAHA!

Despite her young age & despite her dealing with people one or two years older than her as her classmates,I can say that she is a very subjective & intellectual person. One moment I won’t forget about her is “when we have a forum with Blaise,Regine,Cede and other people one late afternoon” HAHA.remember that Sheena dear? She answers subjectively! I was cowed by her wisdom. HAHAHA.

Aside from that, I can also share to her my secrets and hers with me too. HAHA.

             MANGHUDERER thank you for being a big part of my life. I LOVE YOU because of you are TRUE to me and to yourself.charr.HAHA. Let’s stay this way forver. I LOVE YOU! mwahh :)



a CUTE sister and a best friend for keeps

SISTER and BEST FRIEND for keeps is she for she is always there with me wherever I go. She has been with me since we were first year high school until now that we’ve graduated high school. She always has her helping hand,walking feet and shoulder to lean on ready. She is always present in every wonderful events of my life and I just can’t enumerate those events…*basta everyday naa jud siya*! hahaha :)

I enjoy hanging out with her because we have a lot of topics to talk about,e.g boys,love,crushes,movies,songs or JAPAN! hahaha. She is one of my best friends that I am not afraid to speak up my mind ‘cause I know that she listens and understands.

We have built dreams and together we will reach it.

      MANGHUDER thank you for all the wonderful memories you have shared with me. I LOVE YOU because you are real. Even though we’ll be worlds apart, you will always have my heart. Please don’t forget our deal with each other that we will go to JAPAN togehter doh! HAHA. (August 3,2016 @USC-SC Waiting Shed “7:00 AM”). Let’s stay this way forever. Don’t forget me ahp! webcam nya ta.HAHAHA. I LOVE YOU! mwahh :)



a LOVING sister and best friend for keeps

A sister and a best friend for keeps is she ‘cause she never fails to stay by my side whenever I need her and whenever I call her name. charr! HAHA

Though other people think she’s silent but to me, she’s one of the wackiest & most talkative best friend I ever have. She always got a lot of chikas to me, be it secrets,chismis or anything under the sun.

I am a suki of her house and I enjoy hanging out there because I just feel at home! HAHAHA :D:D

She’s a very loving person! :) To YOU,to HE,to ME and to any other pronouns you can think! HAHA.

Oh yeah! Before I forgot…HAHAHA. She is my very first best friend as I start my high school days! And I am thankful to her because until now she’s still a very-very good best friend to me.

          MANGHUD thank you for being always there for me. I will always be here to listen to your chikas. Let’s stay this way forever. I LOVE YOU! mwahh :) :))



the ORIGINAL sister and best friend for keeps :)

why? Because she’s my BEST FRIEND since the first quarter of first year high school until the last quarter of fourth year high school :)

With her optimistic character,she makes me think POSITIVE. With her beautiful smile,she makes me SMILE more.

She never makes me feel lost and down. When I’m with her, everything is ALLLLLRIGHT! I can tell her everything that is on my mind, be it jokes,secrets or bastos. HAHAHAHA. She is always there to listen to me.

Furthermore, she is always my kakulitan at school. One memory I wouldn’t forget about her is that “we powdered each others faces (soo kabang!) and we danced monkey-monkey then we wiped each others faces with our hanky after our dance! HAHA”. Another is that “during graduation practice at the cultural center, we make kusi-kusi at each others bugan!! ahahahaha. LOL xDD”.

ATE thank you for being a big part of my life. I will always be you playmate & kakulitan. Let’s stay this way forever. I LOVE YOU! mwahh :)



a sister,a best friend for keeps

SISTER and BEST FRIEND is she for she is always there for me,e.g in times of sadness, darkness, happiness, lightness and most especially in times of LAAG. A sister is she for she always shares anything she has, be it secrets,foods or money! HAHAHA :) She never fails to make me smile and LAUGH-OUT-LOUD. She always shares to me her secrets especially about L-O-V-E and I just enjoy listening to her because she always got cute expressions *especially when it’s all about ‘bestpren’* We got a lot of code names to different people, I just wonder if she doesn’t forget  any of that.hahaha! When I’m with her, my dark days are brighten up and I LOVE HER because she brings out the best of me as a person. I’m happy when I’m with her because I feel loved and needed. Why? Because of all the SECRETS she shared to me. HAHAHA :)

      ATEYEST thank you for being a TRUE SISTER and a TRUE BEST FRIEND. let’s stat this way forever. I LOVE YOU! :) mwahh



a tatay,a best friend and a lover

TATAY is he for he builds a strong foundation in our family.A serious-observant man with great dedication to his works.

BEST FRIEND is he for he never fails to comfort me when I feel down,he never fails to cheer me up with his “palau jokes”. He always have his shoulders to lean on. A confidante.He always have his ears to listen.

LOVER is he for he never fails to complete your day with his SERENADE.

TATAY thank you for accepting me as who i am. I will always be your daughter and friend no matter what. Let’s stay this way forever. I LOVE YOU! mwahh :)

HAHAHA!serious mode!^_^